DIY Easy Homemade Salsa
The easiest tutorial for the easiest "Do it Yourself" Homemade Salsa!
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How to make it!

Ready, set, go!
Let's not beat around the bush! Let's just dive into what it takes to make this super easy healthy salsa!

What you need:
1)  5+ lbs of Tomatoes (Roma Tomatoes Work Best)
2)  4-5 Bell Peppers
3)  2-3 Onions
4)  Black Pepper
5)  Salt
6)  Big Pot and a Big Fry Pan
7)  Immersion Blender
9)  5-6 Canning Quart Jars or Equivilant
10)  Vinegar

So what now makes this so easy? Let's follow the simple steps!

First off, everything will be diced. In your pot add 4 cups of diced onions, 6 cups of bell peppers, 1 tablespoon of black pepper (I personally add 4! Yummy!), 1 tablespoon of salt, and 1 cup of vinegar.

Now the hardest part (sort of, not really). In a pan boil water and place the tomatoes in it. Once you see the skin start to crack or peal off, grab it with tongs and place under running cold sink water for 2 seconds. While under the sink it will cool it off, at the same time you want to peal it off. You will know you've done it right because it almost literally just falls off!
(If you want this tomato step to be easy, just buy canned diced tomatoes, you can add the straight to the pot, super easy!)

Cut off the top stem area of the tomatoes, dice the rest! Add 10 cups of diced tomatoes to your pot!

Now place it on the burner and bring to a boil! As soon as it starts boiling turn it down to simmer (setting 1 on electric stoves) and let sit for ten minutes. At the end of the ten minutes take your immersional blender and blend for 5-10 minutes, or until it is the consistency you want. Your salsa is now ready for eating!
Yay, that was easy! Now just for a few fun facts!

- The peppers and the onions don't have to be just 4 and 6 cups. All that matters is that they counterbalance the tomatoes. You could have 10 cups of tomatoes, 1 cup of onions, and 9 cups of bell peppers if you prefer!

- If you don't feel like actually canning, you can add the salsa directly to the jars while the salsa is still hot, attach the canning lids (even used ones) and place them directly into the fridge! The change in temperature will actually create a temporary seal allowing them to stay good for months in the fridge (as long as you remembered to add that vinegar).

-It's fun to play around with different ingredients! Try blending carrots and squash and adding them to the mix! WARNING: Do not add much (maybe only 1/4 cup)! Too much will change the flavor or balance of the salsa and it may not taste good! ​​
Here's the quick list!:

Add to pot:
10 cups peeled diced tomatoes
6 cups diced bell peppers
4 cups diced onions
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon salt
1 cup vinegar

Bring pot to boil, immediately turn down to simmer, wait ten minutes, blend with immersion blender, eat tasty salsa!
Let's find you the best deals for everything you need to make your salsa!
Canning Jars:
I have looked at different brands and different purchasing combinations and this one seems to be the best/cheapest way to buy the canning jars!
Jar Lids:
These are the lids for the jars above! You can reuse the ones you already purchased, but if you plan on canning for food storage you will have to buy new lids (not the rings, just the lids).
Immersion Blender:
It's important to have an immersional blender! it makes the process so easy! In my experience, cheap immersion blenders usually aren't a problem. I bought a $13 one and have had it for years. Still working!
Pot for Salsa:
You can get whatever size of pot you want, but from experience I'd say a size 6 quart or more is a must!
Fry Pan:
Really you don't have to use a fry pan. You can use a sauce pan or small pot if you want. I choose a fry pan because the water boils faster. However, make sure that pan is at least as high as your tomatoes! If your tomato barely floats and barely doesn't touch the bottom, then you know you have the best pan possible!
Canning Black Pepper:
You can use any kind of black pepper you want! The more crazy the more fun the salsa!
Canning Salt:
You can use regular salt if you want, but canning salt is choice among experienced canners (does better over time).
Tomatoes, Onions, and Bell peppers!:
Personally, I'd highly suggest just buying from a local store and not online! But if you want, there are options.
Heck, even a stove! (now w'ere getting crazy!)
yeah...uhh, you may want a stove if you don't already have one!