Green Screen Custom Sky

A Fantastic Sky for Filming!
Since I'm typically spending my time in filming, often times I have need of green screen techniques, but I can tire of placing down blocks and using a texture pack. So, I have created mostly for myself a green screen sky for green screen needs, and now I'm sharing it with you! It should help make some of your green screening needs a little easier!

So, enjoy the sky!

Note: Requires Optifine! Also, recent changes in Optifine break older versions of custom skies. I have added the universal pack which will work with "ANY" version of Optifine.
Download Green Screen Custom Sky (Universal)


PERMISSIONS: I don't want this to be hard and it can be difficult to give credit in all your videos if you're using this on a regular basis. So, to make things easier, you DON'T need to give me credit! Just use as you wish at your own will! You can even use it on servers or upload to your own website, I don't care! The only thing I don't want you to do is claim that you created this pack. THANKS!