I SPY! "Fantasy" Custom Sky

A Fantastic Adventurous Custom Sky!
This is a new type of texture pack for the night sky! It's I SPY! Once it's night you have until morning to spy all the objects! Be warned, it's possible some don't show up until right before dawn!

NOTE: Requires Optifine! Also, recent changes in Optifine break previous versions of custom skies. So, I haved added the Universal Pack which will work with ANY version of Optifine!
Download I SPY! "Fantasy" Custom Sky (1.12.2 and older)
Download I SPY! "Fantasy" Custom Sky (Universal)


- Use this pack for Youtube videos (and others) as long as you give credit with a link back to this webpage.
-Use for personal use.

-Redistribute without authorization from me (that includes uploading my texture pack to your webpage for others to download, they must download it here)!
-Share just the direct mediafire link without my permission! It supports me, please my download link!
-Use in your own texture packs without my permission! (I'm pretty nice, just ask and I may say yes!)
-Use for remixes or other compilations without my permission!
-Use as an attached server texture pack. If you want your players to use it, please redirect them here!
-Use in any way that could be deemed illegal or unlawful! Please respect the law!