Milkyway Galaxy Custom Sky

A Fantastic Realistic Custom Sky!
The Milkyway Galaxy is the first night sky I ever created! I first created it years ago for Star Trek Armada 2. Since then I have converted it to now have a home in Minecraft! This is the most realistic to the earth atmosephere and very useful for many different situations! I definitely highly recommend this night sky

Note: Requires Optifine! Also, recenet changes in optifine break previous versions of custom skies. So, I have added the Universal Pack which will work with "ANY" version of Optifine.
Download Milkyway Galaxy With Moon Phases (1.12.2 and older)
Download Milkyway Galaxy Without Moon Phases (1.12.2 and older)
Download Milkyway Galaxy With Moon Phases (UNIVERSAL)
Download Milkyway Galaxy "DAY & NIGHT" Universal Sky


- Use this pack for Youtube videos (and others) as long as you give credit with a link back to this webpage.
-Use for personal use.

-Redistribute without authorization from me (that includes uploading my texture pack to your webpage for others to download, they must download it here)!
-Share just the direct mediafire link without my permission! It supports me, please my download link!
-Use in your own texture packs without my permission! (I'm pretty nice, just ask and I may say yes!)
-Use for remixes or other compilations without my permission!
-Use as an attached server texture pack. If you want your players to use it, please redirect them here!
-Use in any way that could be deemed illegal or unlawful! Please respect the law!